Productivity optimization is all over the organisation. In Sales, Marketing and even in operations team.

Have you ever thought of your sales team or client facing team how productive they are?

How many meetings they do daily, whats the conversion rate?

Just sit back and think of the lastest meeting your client booked with you traditional way over phone or email. 

Phew.. in this case, both client and you would have wasted atleast 15 mins with to and fro conversations let it be email, text or chat.

Say you have 6 member sales team and on an average they do 5 meetings per day, then your team wastes approx 8 hours or a man day effort daily. 

This is where appointment booking solution will help your team save time and increase productivity. 

Use Meetaide simple appointment booking solution, to increase your team productivity.

Give it a spin and share your feedback.